Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Return of the Jedi?

Hi guys! I'm back!
(said Luke Skywalker...)

A few years have slipped by. What time I did spend on the internet was mostly in forum discussions. I loved getting feedback on ideas and debating, but gradually grew tired of the blank walls of unacknowledged dogmatism disguised as broad-mindedness and tolerance.

Here I feel that no one is interested. Blogs are a dying fad, it seems, and tend to self-absorption. Everyone can say whatever they want, so they do - and there is no cost to what you say - the problem is, in that cacaphony, nobody knows what to listen to. How different from the Soviet Union (another extreme) where what you say could cost you everything - so those that did dare to speak were listened to by all, because any truth that is spoken in such environments is so expensive. Such talk wasn't cheap.

The things I've discovered in recent years are amazing, but it feels useless to communicate them, because all thoughts are considered of equal value, no matter at what cost they were obtained. I found a faith, compared with the faith of my childhood, and the best of western Protestantism/Evangelicalism seems primitive by comparison. Even the best hymns of my childhood (including their background), such as "It is Well With My Soul" pale in comparison with the depth - theology, worship and background - I find in Orthodoxy. It makes sense - how could faiths that essentially developed only a few hundred years ago compare with the ones that really are a millenium or more?

Imagine if you discovered an author named "Shake-spear" who wrote an incredible array of plays and poetry, and you tried to tell people, and they just looked at you like you're nuts... that's what happened to me in discovering the greatest writer in English history - G.K. Chesterton.

I've discovered that the language of the modern world has been heavily engineered by a minority bent on twisting people away from everything traditional Christianity ever taught, and that we must consider all of the language and terminology we take for granted, and when we find falsehood or deception, from buzzwords like "discrimination" and "tolerance" - designed to stop thought - to false expressions of the nature of humanity such as "to be gay" or "have an abortion", we must recognize them for what they are and root them out of our language.

I've discovered that our schools were designed by the same people who designed the schools for Nazi Germany, and that their real purpose is asserting governmental authority, not the crap in the mission statements. That they do work to make our kids half-educated, a shadow people that are unable to think critically, because of hidden ideology planted from the earliest years that prevents them from thinking. (No, it is not a conspiracy of living men. it is running largely on automatics - like one of those "ark" multi-generational spaceships. Wall-E told a great truth about us, however indirectly. It would've been truer if there were no "big bad computer" in the film.

The best thing about my discoveries in faith is that I don't have to judge others - I can trust to God's mercy and hope and pray for the salvation of all (not in the Universalist sense, but in the sense of charity).


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