Tuesday, November 11, 2008

On Proposition 8

I think this, more than anything, reveals the nature of the war. For the first time those who would turn all social understandings upside down have lost a really important battle. Up until now, the legislative and judicial systems have practically always supported them, and so they could freely call on us to admire and support the system of "democracy" that enabled their victories, while those defending traditional families and understandings have seen the value of their participation in democracy eroded bit by bit.

But now the gay lobby has suffered a defeat. Now they must move against the very idea of democracy, which, expressed in its one true form - referendums - reveals that all are willing to move against the democracy if the 'demo' in the 'cracy' makes the 'wrong' decision. They must resort to legal, but quite undemocratic action to nullify the last victory of the traditionalists over the fashion bugs.

Now the ruling principle should not, ultimately, be democracy. The r.p. should be "who is right?" and that established and enforced. And now the fashion bugs have been revealed to be just as unhappy about a democratic decision as the traditionalists. When the state governor talks about overturning a referendum ("my power over the power of the people") he has declared his commitment to an anti-democratic principle and that reveals, to a degree, the hollowness of our claims to and illusions of living in a democracy.

So the war will continue. And it is a war where somebody will win and somebody will lose. And the losers will have to go into the shadows. There will be no tolerance of a dissenting idea here, especially if that idea has any hope of being turned into reality. Living in the Golden State, I saw, as an agnostic school teacher slowly turning towards Orthodoxy, which way the wind was blowing. There is no place for traditional beliefs in a public setting, and Christians that hold that what they believe matters will eventually be forced into the catacombs.


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