Sunday, October 15, 2006

On the silence

With full-time work and a family, there's not all that much time for blogging. I tend to read and write on my favorite forums. I want to maintain the blog - maybe I'll be inspired to write more at some point, but the general sense that few people are interested in the peculiar combination of Russia, teaching English to foreigners, and religious faith and common sense has discouraged me from putting much time into this.

That said, the seasons turn once again, and the rapid change from highs in the 50's to highs in the 30's has us shivering outside, even though they turned the heat on.

On a personal level, the annual dearth of work in the summer (and lack of cash that ensues) has given way to a regular budget and trying to catch up with all the stuff put off during the summer.

We'll see if I can jump-start this blog again...


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