Sunday, November 16, 2008


Thousands across the nation have come out in protest to the election of Barack Obama to the US Presidency. Ignoring the will of the majority, they have surrounded the DNC headquarters and called for blacklists and boycotts of all who voted for Obama.

Is it just me, or does it strike no one as odd that protests are not organized against victorious candidates and parties in elections, but have been organized by an extremely vocal minority over Prop 8? Why didn't they do this over Obama? Or in '04? or in 2,000?

Never mind the constant miscasting and misrepresentation of the position of the people who supported prop 8. The gay lobby wants everyone to believe something that is manifestly untrue ("H8"); ie, propaganda, which could work in the short term to convince gullible people of the lie that Christianity and oddly enough, traditional religions that condemn homosexual behavior actually "hate" people who engage in this behavior. Of course there are people who actually hate, and some of them claim a religious cloak. But this ignores the vast majority who hold no hate whatsoever; but merely see homosexual behavior for what it is - something that must in the end destroy society. Some see it in terms of religious instruction about the truth of the nature of man, others merely see the rational implications of a society without any limits or definitions. In the long run, it will come around and bite the gay activists in the behind, so to speak. All arguments not based on truth are bound to fail as people eventually learn of their falsehood, and this will turn them back against the people who lied to them.

"If we can move anybody past anger and have a respectful conversation, then you can plant the seed of change," said Seattle blogger Amy Balliett, who started planning the protests when she set up a Web page after the California vote.

Let her talk to me, and we'll plant a seed of change. Only it won't be the change she's thinking of. If people like her were to learn that opposition may actually be rational, she might realize that such words are useless until the arguments are fully understood, from their beginnings. Since the gay lobby teaches that opposition is rooted in irrational religion and mindless bigotry, they can hardly admit that they might really be wrong...


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