Sunday, January 14, 2007

Doonesbury Irony

I've always liked Doonesbury - very intelligent commentary. Even now Trudeau strikes an effective blow against a small minority that discounts scientific fact in favor of beliefs.

But there is another danger that he ironically comments on without realizing it. It is that of religious pluralism that challenges traditional Christianity, just as some extremists attempt to disprove or ignore scientific facts. The exact same 'arguments' presented in this strip are used to crush, especially in public school, any idea that traditional Christianity has a preponderance of evidence that it is actually true. (I won't get started on details like the success, strength and relative freedom of countries where Christianity has dominated, nor on its enabling of scientific development and encouragement of reason in the 2nd Millenium in particular, contrary to popular myth.)

I like Trudeau. But he missed that connection and maybe he wouldn't worry about the sky falling so much if he had a little more faith. It's going to fall anyway. (Certainly death awaits us all.) The difference is in the worldviews of the believer vs the non-believer. The latter sees death as the end of his individuality, and properly panics. The former sees further than that, and this is what is denied (as being True) by the pluralists, multiculturalists, and other relativists, particularly those who control the teacher preparation process.

Control of the thinking of the young in public education, primarily by denying objective truth in faith and morality while insisting on it in the material sciences, is what has so rapidly erased social agreement on what is right and wrong, and turned us from a primarily Christian nation that allowed freedom to non-believers into a nation of non-believers that increasingly negates what believing parents try to teach to their children at home as soon as the children walk into school. Putting Kwanzaa on everybody's calendar and 'teaching' it is a laughably sad example of de-emphasizing the importance of Christmas, converting Christmas from one of the most important events in human history to a holiday of minimal importance that is completely on a level with Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and other foreign influences. I suppose this is inevitable in a nation that was founded by immigrants. But it undeniably negates the importance of Christianity.


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