Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Da Vinci propaganda

Just saw a brief BBC report on "The Da Vinci Code". It purported to report on a series of lectures being held in Ireland regarding an investigation into the truth of the religious claims of the book.
What I found interesting was the BBC's deliberate evasion of any result. The camera showed scenes from the lecture in progress, but not one conclusion was reported (about the truth of the claims) and the questions to attendees also avoided the issue, sticking to "Was it interesting?" "Did it make you want to read the book?" sort of thing.
It's clear there are two forces at work here. People that find the claims to be highly dubious (Mainly those that value their faith and don't want it smeared) and people that want to believe them (Those that want to debunk Christianity). The news (that supposedly reports the truth impartially) is walking a tightrope for business purposes trying to offend none by pretending to report on a topic while actually saying nothing. The business includes the sale of the upcoming movie. The end result is that interest is raised in the sensational (so people will go see it) without any real public report of investigation of the claims, which will lean people towards skepticism not of the film, but of Christianity. It's a stacked deck.


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