Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Biggest Chill

This is definitely the coldest weather I've ever experienced. -25 degrees F (-30-35 C)
It is really cool, both literally and figuratively, especially when I can look outside (at a solid sheet of frost on the window) from a warm inside. After 10 minutes or so, you start to notice the cold, despite triple layers of everything. After 15 minutes, you are definitely cooled off. Anyway, it's the kind of cold you can boast about later.
It's the Baptism of Christ (by John the Baptist, aka the Forerunner) and the direct statement by God that Jesus was His Son (the only way you can find out that which science can't prove is via revelation). A lot of people are going to jump into a hole in the ice for a brief swim (a few moments, in most cases), but this year I'll pass. Way too cold. Brrrrr!!


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