Sunday, January 08, 2006

The technological tightrope

Frustration city - since I learned about the various telephone-through-the-internet possibilities, I've been really excited - went out and bought a webcam after experiencing video from a friend online.

But compatibility issues plague the use of this stuff. The computer has frozen from the amount of CP brain this stuff uses, problems getting the messenger program to acknowledge my camera, etc.

The obvious plus for me (assuming I get it all to work) is communication with family and friends which has become quite spotty over the years and is exacerbated by my location.

The minus is the unknown factor of just how invasive these programs are.
Plus the potential danger of having other people later retrieve information that you thought you had carefully deleted.

Trying to walk the tightrope - use the technology to say what I want to say while not having ill-wishers use it to screw me later...


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