Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but...

I've been observing the media campaign in the battle over "same-sex marriage". There is nothing that can more thoroughly convince one that our press is not free. Every major paper and outlet presents the issues in the same frame, and the same ideas over and over again. The "gay marriage" lobby always goes on about "love" and "equal rights", and its opponents are always cast as having nothing to say but "God opposes" or "The Bible opposes" such things. As Goebbels of Nazi Germany knew, if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes "the truth". The incessant repetition of the ideas in such a frame guarantees that our children will accept as normal that which our grandparents knew to be very abnormal. I cannot find any major outlet that expresses the intelligent and articulate defenses of opposition to this insanity; they all stick to the same formulas. Even the ones that ostensibly ought to be opposing this only repeat the same stale formulas. If the press were free, we'd hear what that intelligent defense of the normal has to say about aspects of the issue. But we don't. The average person, having been, in our public schools, successfully taught uncritical thinking of the press they read, is left to think that the only reasonable position is that the press pretends not to champion, yet paints in a reasonable light - that of the supporters of "gay marriage". (I consciously use "scare quotes"; the reason being that I challenge the very language used; as long as we use the language decided upon by those supporters, we are drawn to think in terms of the false worldview they would impose.)


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